30,000 down…

Well, things are going very well with the new book and my goal is to have a completed manuscript before my birthday in May of next year.

Can I tell you that I’m really excited?

This book is that piece of work that I’ve been promising myself I would write for as long as I can remember.

Of course, what I thought it would be then, and what it is now has evolved into something entirely different.

For those of you who may be unfamiliar, word count is especially important to writers. It’s how we measure length and there are averages for every kind of work you can imagine.

Blogs, blubs, articles, features, sidebars and more. They all have an average.

Most editors won’t take a novel seriously unless it is between 70,000 – 100,000 words, and for non-fiction it’s even lower.

The House on Mango Street by Sandra Cisneros is only 17,854 words while Tolstoy’s War and Peace weighs in at 587,287.

My goal is about 80,000 and for the book to be one of three.

I have slimmed down my freelance work to one, maybe two projects a month so that I can focus more on the book.

There is so much I need to learn about marketing myself as a writer-o-books.


It can be daunting when I really think about it.

But, I’m so far ahead of where I was a year ago – I can only imagine the same will be true this time next year.

If you haven’t already, please like me on facebook, I am not doing too much with it yet, but I plan to use it in the future (for good, not evil).

Back to work now 🙂

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